You Asked For It: Fixed-Height Side Tables to Match Your UPLIFT Desk

We here at Human Solution pride ourselves on being, first and foremost, an ergonomic furniture company. So it may seem out of character that we would offer something as simple as a stationary desk when our main product is of the antithetical height-adjustable variety. However, it turns out that we do get the occasional customer looking for a side table to complement their UPLIFT Desk. To those people, we say, "We hear you."

UPLIFT Desk now offers fixed-height and fixed position legs that can be attached to any of our beautiful desktops to create a matching side table for your UPLIFT Desk. You can get either a two or a four-legged version and both are available in the same three colors as our normal UPLIFT bases: black, gray, or white. This makes coordinating the décor of your office and your UPLIFT Desk super simple. While not as "uplifting" as the adjustable standing desk, the fixed position desk does have a couple of benefits. By adding a static side table to your setup, you can expand your usable work area quickly and easily. Do you have a printer that doesn’t quite fit with all of the other equipment on your UPLIFT Desk? Well, now you have somewhere for it to live along with any other knick-knacks and personal effects that just simply take up too much real estate.

“But wait, couldn’t I just get a second smaller UPLIFT Desk?” you may be asking. Indeed you can! We always offer a collection of space-saving desks that can give you a bit more surface area for your stuff, but if you're looking to save a pretty penny, a fixed-height desk is the way to go to build the matching space you want and save some cash in the process.

Just to recap, the fixed legs from UPLIFT Desk are a budget-friendly solution for those looking for a side table to complement their UPLIFT Desk. Of course, since they’re just static frames they can also be used as a traditional fixed-height desk if you so desire. You won’t get the same benefits that you would from a height-adjustable UPLIFT Desk but if you really like the look of any of our desktops, you’ll find yourself aesthetically pleased. If you have a question or need a quote, you know the drill; our reps are always eagerly awaiting your call at 800.531.3746 and they’ll be more than happy to help!