Get Moving with the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Feb 20th 2019

Get Moving with the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike

E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike

So you've been standing at your height adjustable workstation for a while now. You might have even started using accessories designed to help you move more, such as a motion board or an adjustable footrest. But what if you want even more movement throughout the day? You know, the type of moderate exercise that gets the blood flowing and keeps you energized.

Well, our designers put their minds to the test, and came out with something we think you'll find useful in this situation. It's the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike, and it's here to take you to a new level of motion in the office.

Features of the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike

When it comes to features, you can rest assured that the E3 will be able to help you exercise more throughout the day, fitting in your calorie-burning sessions in between tasks and meetings (or whatever spare block of time you have).

It fits under height adjustable desks like a dream

Designed to work with all of our desks and those of our competitors, if you're searching for a stationary desk bike that you can use at your sit-stand desk, look no further. With an adjustable seat height from 32.25" - 36.5", users from 5'1" - 6'3" tall will find the height of this accessory fitting for them. When you feel like taking a ride, just raise your desk up to the level that feels comfortable with you seated on the bike (this is usually at the height that allows you to get on the bike easily, with your toes barely touching the ground as you're seated).

Even if you're not working at one of our desks, as long as it's height adjustable, you should be able to use this ergonomic exercise bike comfortably at your workstation.

Its adjustable tension can be customized to your needs

If you want to feel the burn, just turn up the tension! The bike's resistance can be set to one of eight levels to match the level of intensity you're going for. This allows you to fine-tune the bike's resistance for the task at hand, letting you take calls at a seven and then reduce the resistance for tasks that require more concentration.

This is one bike that keeps track of your progress

Track your calories burned, exercise time, speed, and distance on the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike's built-in LCD display. The readout is easy to read when you're on the bike, so you can take a look at your progress as you're pedaling without having to stop and get off.

When you're in need of an accessory that lets you burn more calories, boost your energy levels, and is designed to do all of this at sit-stand workstations, try the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike on for size.