Charitable Giving May Spotlight: Texas Housers

Posted by Mandy Spivey on May 23rd 2018

Charitable Giving May Spotlight: Texas Housers

Austin is a wonderful place to live.

Between the sea of breakfast tacos, sunny day streaks, and amazingly creative people, it's no wonder transplants are moving here by the dozens everyday.

Another reason Austin is such a great place to settle down is its community groups and non-profits. Since we're so lucky to live here in the healthy Central Texas city, we decided to give back to the people in our community that make it so unique. To do this, we donate up to 10 height adjustable UPLIFT Desks to a different group each month that we think exemplifies the Austin healthy living spirit. By donating health-boosting desks to the groups that make Austin such an awesome place to live, we hope spread a little more of that spirit on to the world. 

For the month of May, we chose Texas Housers to give back to. We believe that the work they do makes Austin and Texas a better place to live by working to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, has a safe and clean community in which to live.

The staff members behind Texas Housers spend a large majority of their day at their desks. It takes a lot of computer work to help this many people, so we gifted the group 7 desks to make their jobs and lives a little easier. If they are helping Austin so much already, we're excited to see what they can do when they're comfortable while they researching, organizing, and problem solving at their new sit-stand desks. 

We're excited to help groups in Austin work better and live healthier. Check back in to the UPLIFT Desk blog to get to know the people that work to make Austin so great and learn about our next community spotlight.