When You Need a Little Space (For Your Stuff, That Is)

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Dec 18th 2018

When You Need a Little Space (For Your Stuff, That Is)

Side Table, 29" Fixed Seated Height, 4-Leg

Putting together the space that suits you the best is an ongoing journey. We're always adding to our product line of desks, chairs, and office accessories to help you work your best. But once you have your height adjustable desk all set up and accessorized to completion, what happens to you primary work space? As you look around your new desk, you might start to see the space you spend for working dwindling, which isn't ideal.

That's why having the right amount of storage space is crucial. You can store things like papers, purses, and small odds-and-ends in your storage cabinet if you want, but what about bigger devices like printers and delicate items you want displayed, such as décor? It wouldn't make sense to file away your personal photos or put up potted flowers, but you still need space. What's a person to do?

Well, our designers are people, too. With feelings and items and (gasp!) lack of desk space for storing their things at work. That's why they've spent time designing, adjusting, redesigning, and perfecting a line of fixed-height side tables that are perfect to use in addition to your height adjustable desk space. You'll have plenty of space for items that have been taking up space on your sit-stand workstation, in the exact style of your UPLIFT Desk, frame, desktop, frame, and all.

Having the right amount of space for your body and work style is important, and we've compiled a few of the top reasons why it's assimilating a side table, like our 29" Fixed Height Side Table, is smart if you're finding yourself short on space.

Keep Working in That Optimal Reach Zone

Storage space isn't just about organizing your work space, it's about keeping you working well within your Optimal Reach Zone, which is pretty important if you want to keep repetitive stress injuries at bay. How does one develop an injury in the office just from working outside of this zone? Let's walk through a fairly common scenario in offices today.

Mary works in an office. She has an assortment of files and books that she needs to access regularly, which are just above her head and out of reach in her cubicle in her office. To reach them, she has to awkwardly half-stand, and extend her arm past a point that's comfortable for her. She does this a few times a day. After a few months of work, Mary notices her shoulders and neck hurt more than usual, and she's starting to feel a soreness in her elbow.

What's happening that Mary doesn't know is she's working outside of her Optimal Reach Zone on a daily basis. By having to be in a posture that feels unnatural, even for brief moments, she strains her body. Add the weight of her binders and she's pulling from her shelves and she is putting her muscles under even more stress and strain.

Ideally, you'd spend a majority of your time in this first zone, with at least 50% of your primary desk space dedicated to it being your main work area.

Four-Leg Frames to Write Home About

Our 4-Leg Side Table starts with a base that's designed to offer you the utmost in stability at a seated height. Some have called our frame's look "minimalist," while others have called it "industrial." We think it looks pretty cool when situated next to a height adjustable UPLIFT Desk, and that's why we offer the same color options as we do on our height adjustable desks. Instead of having to piece together a table that somewhat matches your workstation, your legs can truly sport that unified look that gives your office an inconspicuous and professional feel. 

With a 1" desktop attached on top, it's at the perfect seated height for users - 29 inches. You'll be able to keep accessories and décor that you need from time to time close by, but off of your work area, where it's easy to roll over to in your chair without overextending your arms to reach for things.

You can even attach casters to the bottom of each leg, allowing you to quickly and easily move it around the office in a jiff.

Desktop Styles to Match Your UPLIFT Desk

We know. Your side table has to match, down to the last detail. If you've designed your desk with us, this is more than easy because we offer you all of the same frame and desktop options to complement you desk from top to bottom. Yes, that means you'll have bamboo, rubberwood, even whiteboard tabletop options to suit your style. Even solid wood is available, giving you a luxurious side table you can is in the office and even at home.

So when you're looking for a seated-only side table that you can use for short-term work and storage, we recommend a side table! Let us help you piece together the perfect desk, side table, and office that keeps your body away from negative health effects and working in their best postures.