Purchase Order Information

In addition to our other purchasing options such as all major credit cards or PayPal, we also accept purchase orders from businesses, schools, organizations and government agencies. Terms of payment will be established based on the credit rating and credit information provided by and for specific customers. Net 30 payment terms will be granted upon verification. Deposits may be required for first-time purchase orders. Orders are invoiced at the time of shipment or will call date. No credit reference is required for government, military, public school, college or university purchasers.

Please ensure that the PO is submitted using a formalized document that includes the following information:

  • Purchase order number
  • Primary contact name, including phone number and email address
  • Billing address, including company name and accounts payable contact
  • Shipping address, including company name, phone number and recipient
  • Payment terms
  • List of product part numbers and product description as well as quantities
  • Unit price of each item
  • Total amount
  • Authorized signature

If some of the above information is missing on your formal purchase order, please make sure to include this information in your email for faster order processing. Upon approval of terms, we will send an email confirmation of the order along with tracking once it ships.

For purchase orders we accept payment via ACH/EFT, wire transfer, or check. To start the purchase order process, contact us at