File Cabinets

File Cabinets

A Place for Everything & Everything In Its Place

Take a look at your desk. Now, imagine it all tidy, with only what you need for the current task at hand on display. Think about what it might feel like to approach your desk first thing in the morning and you see a tidy wonderland of joy, just beckoning for you to start off your fresh new day with a burst of productivity! Sounds great but we do need a place for our stuff and there's something to be said for knowing that everything you need to get things done is close by. We present you with our filing cabinet line made to work perfectly with your standing desk and they all match UPLIFT Desk frame and accessory colors. It's all possible with a Filing Cabinet by UPLIFT Desk.

Take Back Your Desk Space

Pull Up a Seat

Collaborate more with convenient cushioned rollaway seating. The 2-Drawer File Cabinet with Seat offers room for a colleague or family member, without cluttering your office with extra chairs.

Made of rubberized gel, the removable seat cushion is plush enough for collaborative meetings and affixes to the top of the cabinet with a reusable adhesive strip.

The 2-Drawer File Cabinet is 15.75" wide. It's also available in a more narrow 11.8" wide version for space-limited workstations.

Under Desk Slide Out Storage

We know you need various tools and resources throughout the day, there's good reason to keep those items near you. But it also makes sense to keep your valuable desktop space clutter free. The Mobile Storage Caddy can be placed under or to the side of a desk and has fixed casters that facilitate pulling the caddy out when you need to grab an item then simply slide it back out of the way

Organize. Secure. Overcome.

A tidy desk is a productive space. We designed our filing cabinets to help you do your best. This is a tidy and safe place to store your phone, tablet, chromebook, keys, wallet, and other things you want to keep securely within reach.