Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Helping humans while preserving the planet

A Douglas fir reclaimed wood standing desk on a gray height adjustable desk frame

Resources Restored

We’re always innovating to shape the future—and that means reusing the valuable resources from the past. UPLIFT Desk creates ergonomic (and beautiful) desktops from recycled and reclaimed materials, making sure we leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. By reusing and restoring resources, we’re doing our part to make the earth a better place to live and work.

A tree standing tall with a view from the bottom up

One Desk, Five Trees

When you invest in a desktop from UPLIFT Desk, we invest in the earth. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, we plant five new trees in U.S. National Forests for every single solid wood desktop sold—that's several thousand new trees planted each year. This doesn’t just help offset our own environmental impact, it helps ensure the resources we enjoy today will continue to be available for future generations.

A Douglas fir reclaimed wood standing desk on a gray height adjustable desk frame

Refurbished + One-Of-A-Kind

Get the perfect blend of rustic and modern style—and support sustainability.

Our reclaimed wood desktops are ethically sourced from their previous lives as vintage barns, floorboards, and whiskey distilleries, making each piece completely unique and giving a valuable resource a second chance at a great life. The whimsical yet sturdy fir collection provides unmatched personality, all while being built to last and finished to perfection.

A bamboo stem that will be used for an adjustable height desk

Beautiful, Sustainable Bamboo

Our most popular desktop is made from Moso bamboo, the world's fastest-growing plant. The solid bamboo desktop is beautiful to look at and as sturdy as any of its other solid wood counterparts. However, bamboo isn’t a tree: It’s a grass that grows as quickly as an inch an hour, securing its ranking as one of the most superior sustainable materials. Its rapid growth rate and strong constitution make it a durable, eco-friendly option for all your ergonomic office furniture.

genuine rubberwood solid wood standing desk

Eco-Friendly Rubberwood

Give a second life to lumber and save a tree with a genuine rubberwood desktop. Our beautiful rubberwood desktops are constructed out of 30-year-old Pará rubber trees, who are finished fulfilling their original purpose of producing latex for millions of products around the world.

Its recycled materials give each rubberwood desktop a unique profile—and gives you the assurance that your one-of-a-kind desk is sustainably sourced.

A Douglas fir reclaimed wood standing desk on a gray height adjustable desk frame

GREENGUARD Gold Laminates

UPLIFT Desk's Laminate Desktops are all GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means they have been rigorously tested by an independent third-party laboratory to evaluate chemical emissions. To pass the strict test of conditions and earn the GREENGUARD Gold Certificate, products must be safe for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities, meeting some of the world's highest standards for low chemical emissions.