Motion Board E7 by UPLIFT Desk

(Save $20.00 )
Balance your way to better ergonomics with the E7 Motion Board
(Save $20.00 )

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  • Rock & Tilt - Board encourages gentle, ergo-friendly balancing
  • More Motion Board - Lightly energizes and wakes up sleepy muscles
  • In Better Standing - Faux leather mat under board reduces fatigue
  • Stable Support - Keeps you feeling great on your feet
uplift desk e7 motion board

The E7 Motion Board

Balance, rock, and tilt in easy mode at your standing desk with the E7 Motion Board.

This board gets you on your feet and invigorates your workday with one easy addition. Our E7 allows you to multitask with gentle and smooth movements, delivering you slightly less motion than some of our other balance boards. A curved bottom surface allows you to balance on top while anti-fatigue faux leather padding takes pressure off your feet and legs for a more supportive, energizing, and comfortable way to actively stand at work.


Board dimensions 22" W x 17.75" D x 3" H
Board weight 11.875 lb
Materials ABS plastic
Faux leather
Weight capacity 250 lb
Shipping dimensions 15" W x 4" H x 23" D, 12 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the E7 Motion Board?

    Motion boards are energy-boosting floor tools that can provide you with health benefits while you work. The E7 gives users the abilities to burn more calories, increase circulation, and even reduce fatigue at sit-stand desks. It features a slightly different shape than traditional balance boards you see today. This board comes with a little extra surface area for standing, so you can safely vary your postures while still getting some of the same health-benefitting balancing action that you would want from balance board.

  2. How is this board "ergonomic"?

    Sitting and standing are just the tips of the ergonomic iceberg. More movement is what you really want, and the E7 lets you increase movement at your sit-stand desk so you can be on your way to better health with one easy addition!

  3. Is this a toy?

    Although the E7 Motion Board is fun to use, it's not a toy. We recommend storing it in a place where children cannot access it for safety.

  4. Is this similar to a balance board?

    Although you do balance on the E7, it was designed to give your body more stable movement than a typical balance board, and has a slightly reduced range of motion from our E3 Motion Board and Bamboo Motion-X Board.

  5. Should I do anything to protect my E7 Motion Board or floor when I use this?

    If your floor is hardwood, it's a good idea to have a tightly woven rug or standing mat to use underneath the mat to protect it and your floors from scratches or scuffing. We even have a standing mat just for the occasion!

  6. I wear high heels, can I wear them on the E7?

    Due to the range of motion of the E7 Motion Board, we do not recommend that users wear high heeled shoes while using the board, as they can affect your ability to maintain balance while standing and may pierce the top of the board.



Why Buy?

Add a padded balance board that helps keep fun and movement a big part of your workday! Swivel, tilt, and rock your way to better health.

Features & Specs

  • Engage leg muscles with light activity
  • Faux leather padding relieves pressure on knees and feet
  • Burn more calories every day
uplift e7 motion board

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