Certified Professional Ergonomist - Jon Paulsen

What is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE)?

When you're shopping for just one or many height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, or office accessories, it's essential to have professional expertise guiding your decisions and ensuring your selections meet your needs. A Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) can provide you accurate information about maximizing productivity and reducing injury through office design and product selection. Our CEO, founder, and CPE, Jon Paulsen, drives all of us at UPLIFT Desk to design and build the highest quality ergonomic office products at the best possible price to allow everyone to work better and live healthier. Working with a company backed by an ergonomic professional like Jon means you, the customer, get the benefits of his knowledge and years of hands-on experience before you buy.

While ergonomics can seem like a set of simple tips for working more comfortably, it takes years of demanding study and real-world practice to become an expert in the field, and only a handful of CPEs are admitted each year. Becoming a CPE is a rigorous process and combines three different areas of focus: education, experience, and examination. Having a passion for health and work is not enough. Becoming certified includes first earning a Bachelor's Degree in a specialized field of study: life sciences, engineering sciences, or behavioral sciences. After graduation, an applicant must work full-time in the field for three years, applying the tenets of ergonomics to real work environments while earning additional academic credits. Finally, before becoming certified, applicants must take and pass an 8-hour comprehensive written exam for the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics.

Working in an office with products designed and approved by a CPE is a direct benefit to you and your business, ensuring a cost-effective space that supports employees mentally and physically.

Who is Jon Paulsen, Our Founder and CPE?

CEO. CPE. Productivity perfectionist. Health enthusiast. A man of many titles, Jon Paulsen, our Certified Professional Ergonomist, started our company to design, build, and bring the benefits of ergonomic, height-adjustable standing desks to more people. Jon studied Mechanical Engineering and received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Utah in 1993. In 1996, he received his Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Ergonomics, also from the University of Utah.

As a Mechanical Engineer for Albertsons, Jon optimized material handling processes and reduced ergonomic risk in large-scale distribution center operations. He later worked as an Ergonomic Consultant within their manufacturing, warehouse, mining, and refinery operations. In 1997, Jon joined Applied Materials and directed a team of ergonomists as Managing Ergonomist in the industrial engineering department for eight years, where he focused on cleanroom manufacturing and assembly line operations. Every position gave him unique new insights and added to a comprehensive view of what employees need to work in healthy and efficient ways.

Jon's passion for work and health led him to start Human Solution in 2002. His goal was to help every person, no matter their budget, work better and live healthier. In 2011, when Jon couldn't find an electric standing desk that met his criteria, he designed his own: the UPLIFT 900. UPLIFT Desk has since grown into a full product line of height-adjustable desks, desk converters, office chairs, acoustics, and accessories. And we keep growing.

So, when you're ready to begin working better with ergonomic office tools, talk to us before you begin. Work with our designers to piece together the perfect office for you on our state-of-the-art 2D and 3D design software. Or, if you're buying only for yourself, rest easy knowing that experts have tried, modified, and, finally, approved the products you'll receive. Our trained support team is standing by and ready to help you in any way we can, from answering assembly questions to personal shopping assistance. You can rest easy knowing you'll always have the knowledge, experience, and support you need to keep your employees happy and healthy.

*Jon holds certificate #1129 from the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE), and is also a member of the Institute for Industrial Engineers and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.


Letter From The President - 2018

Dear Friend,

Welcome to UPLIFT Desk, the most exciting office furniture shopping experience! Our philosophy is simple; we're here to provide the best selection of high quality standing desks and ergonomic office furniture, with the highest level of customer service, at the lowest price. After becoming a Certified Professional Ergonomist, I founded UPLIFT Desk 16 years ago with the goal of making beautifully designed and high-quality ergonomic office furniture. This was at the beginning of the e-commerce revolution, and there was an early opportunity to be the manufacturer, retailer, and fulfillment specialist, all made possible by the game-changing internet in combination with my background in ergonomics, design, and business.

Thanks to our amazing team of employees, we’ve grown to be recognized as a global leader in standing desks and office ergonomics. Our focus on “Working Better and Living Healthier” has concentrated our energies on becoming the best standing desk company on the planet. “Designed for human use” is our simple definition of ergonomics and has helped more people relate the importance of ergonomics in daily life. Our main emphasis has always been to manufacture and sell high-quality height adjustable desks that are priced similarly to seated-only desks.

Through our work, the well-known benefits of not sitting all day (and sitting at a properly height-adjusted desk when you do sit) have helped our UPLIFT Desk employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. UPLIFT Desks feature prominently in most Fortune 500 companies. Here are a few of the many institutions that have selected UPLIFT Desk: MIT, University of Texas, Berkeley, Google, NASA, Virgin Galactic, US Forest Service, Boeing, CBS, Intel, Apple, AT&T, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Whirlpool, Uber, and the list goes on and on.

At UPLIFT Desk, you'll find standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and desk accessories that you won't find anywhere else. Our Certified Professional Ergonomist and engineering team work tirelessly to design and manufacture products that are unique and stand out in their field. Furthermore, our focus on lean manufacturing, retailing and fulfillment allow us to offer lower prices, free shipping, a 30-day no-risk trial, and a 15 Year Warranty. Our established team of design consultants is standing by to help you purchase a single sit-stand desk or furnish an entire office, and our design service is FREE.

Our award-winning website offers tremendous selection and inspiration, no matter your style or budget. Try designing a custom standing desk by starting with our desk selector tool and watch your custom desk setup visually come together on-screen as you pick your options - just another reason why UPLIFT Desk has been voted the #1 Standing Desk four years in a row by Wired and Lifehacker and is always top 2 with Wirecutter.

UPLIFT Desk provides professional space planning services in both 2D and 3D utilizing 2020 CAP, Worksheet and Visual Impression software. We'd love to help you explore how we use our interactive space planning software to help your business build the flexible office space you've always dreamed about. Our attractive products and a keen sense of style earned us the most user votes in this year's 2020 Spaces Flexible Plans office design contest, and we're ready to put that design experience to use for your workspace.

We have one of the nation's largest selection of desktops that ships next day. No job is too big or too fast for us. We offer installation services throughout the USA and Canada. Our UPLIFT Acoustics product line also offers a wide selection of acoustic products that more and more offices find useful for noise control, privacy, and style.

We hope you consider getting a bid from us soon for your office furniture needs. And, if you are ever in Austin, TX stop by and say, "Hi!" I love meeting our customers.


Jon Paulsen, President