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  • Side tables add extra space beside your main desk to create a dedicated place for printers, scanners, and bulkier accessories
  • Side table frames come in the same colors and finishes as our UPLIFT Height Adjustable Desk Frames - simply add your own desktop
  • Easy to upgrade - frames are width-adjustable to fit desktops 48" - 80" in width
  • Fixed at the correct height for short-term use as a seated desk
  • Sturdy 4-leg design does not require a lower crossbar, and maximizes storage and leg room under the desk
  • Fully compatible with most UPLIFT Desk accessories
  • Also available with your choice of desktop - see our UPLIFT Side Table Listing

60x30 Natural Rubberwood Sit-Stand
Desk Paired with 48x30 Side Table

48x30 Natural
Rubberwood Desktop

4-Leg Fixed Height Side Table Frame

Get all the space you need for your printer, phone, decorations, and in-trays, by adding a side table to your office setup. Increase your available surface area beyond the limits of your standing desk, using your pre-existing or custom desktop on this side table frame. The width-adjustable frame will fit your UPLIFT Desk or other brand desktop, for the perfect customized look. With four available colors to choose from, coordinate your table with your existing office decor, or add a new pop of contrasting color!

Customize Your Table

The side table frame is available in the same color options as our UPLIFT Height Adjustable Desk Frame. Choose from black, white, gray, or industrial style finishes to complement your desktop and make the perfect color combination for your office. With the frame's adjustable width, you can fit any desktop between 48" - 80" wide and 24" - 30" deep. And if you ever need to move to a bigger or smaller space, your frame adjusts. You won't need to worry about having to buy a whole new desk!

Convenient Seating with Room to Spare

This spacious side table has plenty of spare room underneath for storage accessories like pedestals and storage cabinets. Add a cabinet and keep your documents and belongings in easy reach. Our frame design is rock solid - stable enough to stand firmly on its own four feet without the need for added crossbars or support at the floor. This means no wasted space, and nothing to get in the way of your feet or under-desk accessories.

Speaking of space, you'll want to be able to stretch out your legs, too. If you plan on using this side table for short-term seated work, you'll have plenty of available legroom. With 29" of depth underneath, you can pull up a chair and get that quick task done in total comfort.

(If you need to sit for more than 3 hours, ergonomists recommend switching to a sit-stand workstation, to fight the aches, fatigue, and long-term health effects of sitting too long.)

Complete Your Setup

The side table frame is compatible with most UPLIFT Desk accessories, including our filing cabinets, which will fit neatly under the table, acoustic privacy panels, CPU holders, and more. If you find yourself using this table for short periods as a seated-only desk, you can even mount a keyboard tray, to keep your wrists in proper alignment, and avoid repetitive stress injury.

60x30 Natural
Rubberwood Desktop

Customer Photo Gallery

Acacia Solid Wood V2 L-Shaped Standing Desk

Acacia Solid Wood V2 L-Shaped Standing Desk

Bamboo V2 Standing Desk with Bamboo 4-Leg Seated Height Side Table

James V.

Bamboo V2 Standing Desk with Bamboo 4-Leg Seated Height Side Table

Bamboo V2 L-Shaped Standing Desk with Bamboo 4-Leg Seated Height Side Table Frames

Larry B.

Bamboo V2 L-Shaped Standing Desk with Bamboo 4-Leg Seated Height Side Table Frames

Bamboo V2 L-Shaped Standing Desk with Bamboo 4-Leg Seated Height Side Table Frames

Larry B.

Bamboo V2 L-Shaped Standing Desk with Bamboo 4-Leg Seated Height Side Table Frames


Height 29" (with 1" desktop thickness)
Desktop width range 48" - 80"
Minimum desktop depth 24"
Shipping dimensions Frame - 49.5" W x 30.5" D x 9.125" H, 62 lb
Desktop dimensions will vary depending on selection


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes this a fixed-height frame?

    4-Leg Side Table Frames have stationary legs. This simply means they do not raise and lower, as opposed to the adjustable height frame legs you're probably used to seeing on our sit-stand desks. The side table's fixed-height legs come in colors to match the sit-stand desk frames, but do not contain internal motors.

  2. What options do I have on this table?

    The side table frames are as customizable as an UPLIFT Desk! Go through our handy desk builder and pick the frame color you prefer, and add casters if you want a mobile side table. Use your own desktop, or shop our collection of tabletops to match your desk.

  3. Do I have any color options for the frame?

    Of course! You can order 4-Leg Side Table Frames in black, white, gray, or industrial style finishes.

  4. Is this frame compatible with the 48" whiteboard desktop?

    Yes, just leave out the center rails during assembly. Refer to UPLIFT 4-Leg Side Table Instructions Addendum for more details.



Why Buy?

Add a fixed-height side table that can be used from either side and holds printers and other office items.

Features & Specs

  • Add your own custom desktop between 48" - 80" W
  • Fixed height of 29"
  • Can be used as a desk (for a short time)
  • No lower crossbar leaves room for storage
  • Holds up to 355 lb
  • Add casters for mobility
uplift 4-leg seated height table frame

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