3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider by UPLIFT Desk (Discontinued)

Enjoy a quieter space with the 3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider

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The 3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider has been discontinued. For a similar product, please visit the Acoustics page.


  • Quickly create private spaces and reduce ambient office noise and distraction—without breaking the budget
  • Four panel height choices—all large enough to designate separate areas and absorb sound
  • Depending on panel size, a complete 3-panel divider ranges between 20.7 lb to 28.5 lb, so it's easy to set them in place or adjust them. Add more dividers to build a partition, so you can set up temporary rooms, walls, or workgroups
  • Collaborate, take phone calls, and hold meetings without interrupting the rest of the office: these panels absorb 86% of the soundwaves that hit them
  • At over 1/2" thick, these panels aren't bulky or heavy—and with 50% recycled material construction, they're eco-friendly
  • Hinges allow almost 200 degrees of rotational play, giving you the freedom to build the space you need
3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider by UPLIFT Desk
3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider by UPLIFT Desk

Restore a Quiet Focus to the Office

Not having privacy and quiet at your desk when you need it can make getting work done feel impossible. Whether it's an impromptu meeting, the usual office foot traffic, or just room volume chitchat, distractions cost you mental energy. Even though these factors might seem out of your hands, you actually have more control over these distractions than you think. Take back your focus with a few thoughtful acoustic furnishings placed in your space with our 3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider.

The three panels, available in four sizes (from under 4' to 6'), help absorb and block out ambient office noise. They also provide you with the visual privacy you need to keep focused (or fix your inside-out shirt). Choose the tallest size for the most seclusion.

Connect multiple dividers to carve out a distinct space for a whole department—or for any group that requires minimal distraction in order to accomplish its goals.

Temporary, Targeted Partitioning

These dividers are relatively lightweight and easy to move, so you can put them in one place or relocate them without breaking a sweat—even the tallest one is only 28.5 lb. They're intended to be used as a flexible, temporary barrier for noise and privacy problems that don't require always-on solutions.

The dividers can also connect together to create any perimeter you need. You can build a larger partition to enclose a meeting space or employee lounge area, giving them the freedom to share ideas or have casual conversations. Or make a double-layered wall between your phone-heavy departments and the rest of the company, to dampen some of the chaos that comes with call centers.

The divider has a noise reduction coefficient of 0.86, so that means it will absorb 86% of sound that reaches it. Don't hesitate to give your mission-critical teams the isolation and solitude they need, or your team the spaces that help people collaborate openly.

3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider by UPLIFT Desk
3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider Color Options

Colorfully Versatile

Since the divider is only 0.5" thick, you won't have to worry about it being bulky or heavy. Its panels are made from a polyester fiberboard that consists of 50% recycled material, keeping the divider Earth-friendly and lightweight.

The 3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider uses the same panels as our UPLIFT Desks, so you can coordinate colors across multiple UPLIFT Acoustics. And you have two different hardware finishes available, to match your desk frame and accessories.

Each panel of this flexible room divider can pivot around 200 degrees in either direction, so you have plenty of versatility to move it into place. It also doubles as a bulletin board—so you gain several square feet of space for notes or décor.

Contact us for color swatches.

Create a Quiet Space

Furnishing your office with products that assist you in maintaining a quiet and productive office is easy—just shop our ever-growing line of UPLIFT Acoustics.

From sound-absorbing walls that let you create temporary spaces of quiet, to ceiling-hung acoustics that look great while improving the acoustics in your space, we have what you need to help all of your employees stay focused.

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3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider Instructions
3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider Specifications

Hardware dimensions Panel frame 23.1" W x 0.71" D x 1.6" H
Compatible panel sizes 40" W x 22" D, 52" W x 22" D, 64" W x 22" D, 72" W x 22" D
Total wall dimensions Overall width with three panels and 20-degree bends:
64.4" in "C" config / 65.5" in "S" or zig-zag configuration
72 3/4" H - 72" panel
64 3/4" H - 64" panel
52 3/4" H - 52"panel
40 3/4" H - 40" panel
Unboxed weights ACU002 - 11 lb 2 oz
40" x 22" - 3.2 lb each; 20.7 lb for 3 panels & frame
52" x 22" - 4.2 lb each; 23.75 lb for 3 panels & frame
64" x 22" - 5.2 lb each; 26.73 lb for 3 panels & frame
72" x 22" - 5.8 lb each; 28.53 lb for 3 panels & frame
Panel material Polyester fiber (50% recycled polyester fiber)
Panel thickness 0.6"
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) 0.85
Shipping dimensions 31.5" W x 9.5" D x 3.5" H, 13 lb 6 oz


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What sizes and colors are available for this divider?

    The divider panels are each 22" wide, and your height choices are: 40", 52", 64", and 72". Keep in mind that you cannot use panels of differing heights in the same divider, nor can you connect dividers that aren't the same height. Naturally, you can set any dividers side by side without connecting them—if you want to create a staggered-height look.

    The dividers are available in the same colors as our Acoustic Privacy Panels for Desks: light gray, dark gray, brown, lagoon blue, and green.

  2. Can I choose different colors for each of my three panels?

    Certainly—Please give our sales team a call at 800-349-3839, email, or chat us live on our site.

  3. Is the 3-Panel Acoustic Room Divider Hardware available in different colors?

    At this time Divider Hardware is only available in black.

  4. Can I connect more than three panels?

    Yes, this divider is designed to work as a 3-panel unit and as part of a larger divider. Simply purchase additional dividers to build a partition as long as you need it. Keep in mind that dividers need to be the same size in order to connect them.

  5. How stable is this divider?

    The dividers six center hinge clips keep the panels standing straight and prevent bowing; and its leveling feet help ensure the divider stays balanced on uneven surfaces. Regarding angles: you can create a longer divider if you stretch it out, but a zig-zag (with the panels pushed closer together) will be more stable.

  6. Will I need tools to assemble the divider?

    Yes, you'll need a Phillips-head screwdriver and a wrench to put the divider together. It's easy to assemble—just make sure to consult the instructions (included).

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