Range Dual Monitor Arm by UPLIFT Desk

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The Range Dual Monitor Arm allows you to position your monitor where it's most comfortable for your body.
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  • Provides the adjustability needed to place two monitors at an optimal distance (just beyond fingertip reach) and height (with the tops of your screens just below eye level). Easy to adjust
  • Gas spring mechanism in each arm supports a monitor from 4.5 lb to 17.5 lb. Delivers 16.25" of height adjustment (4.75" to 21" above desk, measured from center of VESA mount)
  • The extra long reach arms handle larger dual monitors while giving them more range of motion
  • Clamp mount attaches the arm to the edge of desks 0.75" to 3.75" thick; or use the optional included bolt-through mount to station the arm anywhere you'd like by using an existing grommet hole or drilling a small hole
  • Easily install monitors using our quick-release mounts. Screw the separate quick-release VESA plate onto your monitor; then snap them onto the arm. No lifting the monitor while inserting screws!
  • Maximize desktop space by elevating your monitors—or laptop, with an optional attachment. Integrated wire management minimizes clutter
  • Limit the arm's rotation to 180 degrees, or remove the stopping pin for a 360-degree range of motion. Coordinate the arm's finish with your UPLIFT Desk frame color
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
  • Be sure to check that your monitor's weight is compatible with the arm's capabilities

60x30 Carbonized Bamboo Desktop

Range Dual Monitor Arm

Position Your Dual Monitors Ergonomically

If you've developed neck or shoulder pain from straining to view your computer screens, the Range Dual Monitor Arm is just the solution you're looking for. The Range enables you to set two monitors at the perfect position for your body and eyes (pdf), whether you're sitting or standing. Neck strain can be caused by monitors that are too far away, causing you to extend your neck forward to get your eyes closer to the monitor. So get those screens at fingertip reach distance away by eliminating the stand under your monitors and levitating them on these long reach arms.

Ergonomics tells us that your monitor screen should be located at an outreached fingertip arm's length away, with the top of your screen at eye level and tilted to minimize glare. This arm boasts a range of adjustments that enable you to properly position monitors from 4.5 lb to 17.5 lb—including 16.25" of vertical travel (4.75" to 21" above desk, measured from center of VESA mount).

And if you need to share some on-screen information with a coworker, the arm provides enough range of motion to quickly pull a screen into their field of view and tilt it left or right, as needed.

UPLIFT Monitor Comparison Chart
UPLIFT Monitor Comparison Chart

Adding Monitors is a Cinch

Our Range Dual Monitor Arm is easy to install on your desktop. You have two options: clamp mount (for desks 0.75" to 3.75" thick) or bolt-through mount (for desks 0.6" to 2.13" thick). Clamping the arm to the rear of your desk saves some space, while the optional bolt-through mount can be installed through any existing desktop hole (from 0.6" to 2.13" in diameter) or drill your own. The bolt-through installation also features an integrated cable slot, to let you route your cords for a polished look.

Once you have the monitor arm mounted, install the two included VESA plates to the backs of your monitors with a few screws. Then just clip the monitors onto each of the monitor arm mounts. There's no struggling to hold the monitor in place while you tighten screws anymore!

If you need to adjust the arm tension for your monitor, use the proper Allen wrenches; and a flat wrench lets you change the rotation of the monitor plate joint. Both types of wrenches are included.

Range Dual Monitor Arm mounting options
Range Single Monitor Arm Laptop Mount

60x30 Carbonized Bamboo Desktop

Rediscover Your Desktop

As you raise your screens to the proper viewing height, you'll also see that the Range Dual Monitor Arm frees up valuable desk space. Your monitor cables even stow beside the arms. With all of that added room for important tasks, work will never be the same.

If you're dual-screening with a laptop, you'll need a way to bring it up next to your monitor. Rise above the neck strain with our UPLIFT Desk Laptop Mount (sold separately), which attaches to the Range with the same VESA plate as the monitors. When you work with your laptop elevated, it's important to keep your body in alignment. Simply add an external mouse and keyboard and you'll never have to compromise comfort for mobility.

Our designers included a stopping pin that restricts your monitor arm movement to 180 degrees. This ensures that your monitors don't swing past your desk into walls or objects—but it can be removed for 360 degrees of rotation.

Coordinating Color Choices

Accessorize your desk in the color that suits your style. Match your Range Dual Monitor Arm with your UPLIFT Desk frame, or choose a color that complements your office. The Range comes in black, gray, or white color options.

Color options on the Range Single Monitor Arm
Range Dual Monitor Arm and Range Single Monitor Arm

Try Two Single Arms Instead

If you're interested in the Range Dual Monitor Arm, but would like more freedom of choice over where you place your monitors on your desktop, using two Range Single Monitor Arms might do just the trick for you.

This is an especially advantageous setup if you have larger or wider monitors, as this lets you install them farther away from each other (and practically wherever you want them on your desktop when using our bolt-through mount).

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Supports One 4.5 lb to 17.5 lb monitor
Max monitor width 52"
Max monitor width at 6.5" from back of desk to front of monitor: 49.5"
Max monitor width at 13" from back of desk to front of monitor: 48"
Height range (low to high) 4.75" - 21" H (measured from desk surface to center of VESA plate) - Monitor joint can go below the desk surface about 1.25"
Vertical articulation 16.25″
Forward reach 26.25" (from center of post to VESA plate)
Side extension 26" (with monitor arm extended straight out to the left or right,measured from center of post to center of VESA plate)
Collapsible Down to 4.5"
Arm pivot 360 degrees, 180 degrees w/ limiter (arrives w/ stopping pin installed)
VESA compatibility 75 mm and 100 mm, quick-release
Monitor tilt range 160 degrees (+90 degrees / -70 degrees)
Monitor pan range 180 degrees (+/-90 degrees) (Rotation can be more than 180 degrees, depending on monitor size; the edge of larger monitors will hit the arm before smaller ones will.)
Monitor rotation 360 degrees (portrait to landscape)
VESA compatibility 75 mm and 100 mm, quick-release
Mounts Clamp and bolt-through included
Desk thickness Clamp mount - 0.75" to 3.75" / Bolt-through mount - 0.6" - 2.13"
Bolt-through hole diameter 0.4" to 3.15"
Available colors Black, Gray, White
Monitor arm weight 20 lb 8 oz (clamp) / 17 lb 14 oz (bolt-through)
Shipping dimensions 23.5" x 14.38" x 6.25", 24 lb 2 oz

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use monitors that are lighter/heavier than the weight specifications for the Range Dual Monitor Arm?

    If your monitors weigh less than 4.5 lb or more than 17.5 lb, the Range Dual Monitor Arm will not operate normally. Lighter monitors will drift up to the max height, and heavier monitors will sink to the minimum.

  2. Which monitor arm should I choose?

    The Range Dual Monitor Arm supports two monitors (or one monitor and a laptop), and adjusts between 4.75" - 21" high (as measured from the center of the VESA mount). If you take a look at our ergonomic calculator to figure out where your monitors should sit, you can then check the specs of the Range to see if it meets your needs.

  3. What's the width limit of the Range Dual Monitor Arm?

    If you push the monitor mounts all the way back, the Range Dual Monitor Arm can accommodate up to a 52" monitor on each one (measured on the horizontal, not the diagonal). You will lose all adjustability, though—except for some forward/backward tilt.

    As you move the monitors forward, the max width changes. For instance, if you measure 6.5" from the back of the desk to the front of the monitors, you can still mount screens up to 49.5" wide. At 13", which is the ergonomically correct distance for many people, that max reduces to 48" per screen. Keep in mind that the wider your monitors are, the less adjustability you'll have.

    All this being said, most monitors will exceed the weight limit before they start hitting these width limitations. You also have the option of mounting two monitors on two separate Range Single Monitor Arms, which will provide more adjustability.

  4. My Range Dual Monitor Arms won't stay where I put them. How do I fix this?

    If your monitors are within the weight limit of 4.5 lb - 17.5 lb, you may just need to adjust the tension control screw on the middle of the arm. Take the included Allen wrench and turn the screw toward "+" if the monitors are falling down. Turn it in the "-" direction if they're floating upward. Be sure to hold the monitor arm horizontal while making this adjustment.

  5. What are the quick-release VESA mounts and how do they make monitor installation easier?

    The VESA mounts on the Range Dual Monitor Arm are able to accommodate VESA plates that slide into place and lock with a clip. These VESA plates are included and fit monitors using the 75 mm or 100 mm hole spacing standards. All you have to do is screw the plates to the backs of your monitors and slide them into place. There's no need to hold a monitor in midair while you screw it onto the monitor arm. It also makes taking off the monitor easy—press on the tab to disengage the lock and slide it off the monitor arm.

  6. Does the Range come in a single arm?

    Yes! The Range Single Monitor Arm provides the same kind of adjustability and supports the same monitor weights. It's just made to hold one monitor instead of two.

  7. How do I use the bolt-through mount if I don't have any grommets on my desk?

    You can place your monitor arm anywhere you like on the desk by drilling a hole in the desktop. Its diameter can range anywhere from 0.4" to 3.15"—but keep in mind that the minimum diameter won't accommodate any cables. Plan out how much cabling you want to run through the bolt-through mount and then drill accordingly. For example, a hole 2.5" in diameter should give you enough room to run most monitor cables, but it's always best to verify with your specific setup.

  8. Can I use this with other desks?

    Yes, this accessory is compatible with UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.



Why Buy?

This dual monitor arm has a longer reach and more range of motion, letting you mount wider monitors with more adjustability.

Features & Specs

  • Add laptop mount to raise laptop off desk
  • Holds monitors from 4.5 lb - 17.5 lb
  • Provides 16.25" of height adjustment
  • Fits desks 0.75" - 3.75" thick
  • Quick-release VESA mounts
range dual monitor arm



Range Laptop Mount by UPLIFT Desk


Why Buy?

Turn your monitor arm into a laptop holder and raise your laptop off your desk and up to the proper viewing height.

Features & Specs

  • Steel frame; front lip and non-slip pads for secure holding
  • Compatible with VESA 75 mm and 100 mm
  • Small rotating platform holds small items
  • Ventilation cutout to help prevent overheating
uplift laptop mount

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