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Write notes, draw, and keep track of memos on the Whiteboard Desktop
(Save $195.00 )

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  • Make Your Mark - Jot down ideas and temporary notes
  • Easy to Erase - Use with dry erase markers and dry board eraser. To wipe stubborn marks clean, use a mixture of dish soap and water. For more information, see our FAQ on cleaning.
  • Square Corners - Square corners around the entire top
  • I'm with the Band - 3mm black edge banding for a seamless look
  • Mother Earth Approved - GREENGUARD Certified

60x30 Whiteboard Desktop

The Whiteboard Desktop

Record all your best ideas and erase them when you're done with the Whiteboard Desktop.

Your brain's creativity is the limit with this sleek desktopper. Jot down notes during meetings without putting your ideas on pause to find a notepad, saving a few sheets of paper. Complete and check off your tasks with simple dry erase markers for a GREENGUARD Certified desktop that's not only safe for you, it's also good for the environment.

Ideas come to life at the Whiteboard Desktop.


Overall dimensions 48x30: 47.2" W x 29.5" D
60x30: 59" W x 29.5" D
72x30: 70.9" W x 29.5" D
80x30: 78.7" W x 29.5" D
Weight 45 lb - 55 lb
Thickness 1" thick

Frequently Asked Questions

*Note, these new tops ship with a clear film on both the top and bottom which protects the glossy surface from scratches. The top side film will need to be removed before use.

  1. What is this desktop made out of?

    You'll be glad to know that our whiteboard desktop is made out of high-quality laminate, so you know you're getting a top that will suit you for many years of work. Composed of thermally-fused melamine laminate over 45 lb density E-1 rated particle board core, this top comes with a 3 mm PCV edge banding around the edges. It's also finished without harsh chemicals or dyes, letting you invest in a desktop that is as eco-friendly as it is durable.

  2. I heard laminate desktops were softer than other types of desktops. Is this true?

    Although some of our laminate desktops are softer than, say, a bamboo or solid wood desktop, our whiteboard desktop is an exception. Made of dense layers of paper that's been fused together and covered in a protective melamine coating, you'll be able to write on this desktop with no issues or indentations.

  3. Do I need to buy my own markers and eraser?

    Yes, you will need to purchase dry erase markers and a dry erase board eraser separately.

  4. How should I clean and care for my desk?

    Laminate is one of the quickest and easiest desk surfaces to clean! Use a whiteboard eraser for daily cleanup; when you need a deeper clean, wipe down the desktop with warm, soapy water, and you're good to go. To protect your whiteboard desktop and keep it looking great for years, we don't recommend using it in hot or humid environments, which can damage the desk. It's also advised that it be kept out of direct sunlight.

    We have found that black dry erase markers tend to perform the best on these desktops. If any residue or ghosting is left behind after erasing the desktop, use Expo White Board Cleaner. If that doesn't remove all of the residue, try 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can also write over the unerased portion with another dry erase marker, let it dry, and then erase it.

    Do not use Lysol wipes or Magic Eraser to clean your Whiteboard desktop as they can damage the surface.

  5. Why would I want a laminate desk—isn't that a little dated?

    Laminates are stylish desktops, and their whiteboard top is no exception. If you're looking for an affordable, durable desktop option when you're building a height adjustable desk, laminate is a fitting option for most people. Laminate has come a long way from the old countertops and desktops you remember from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. We source only the best and newest designs, so you can rest assured you're investing in a desk that's as stylish as it is budget-friendly,

  6. Why is my whiteboard not erasing well?

    Our whiteboard desktops ship with a protective film on the top and bottom surfaces. Just remove the film and you're good to go!



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Warranty Info

Desktops are not covered under our 7 year warranty. We will repair or replace any desktop that is rendered unusable as a result of a manufacturer's defect or damage in shipping if notified within 30 days of receipt.

For information on UPLIFT Desk warranty coverage, click here.

Return Instructions

  • All single-item UPLIFT Desk brand orders, with the exception of our custom laminate and solid wood desktops, are eligible for our 30-day trial. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return the item with no outbound shipping or restocking fees.
  • Return window closes 30 days after receipt of item. You must request the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number within this time. You are responsible for return shipping costs.
  • All items must be disassembled and returned in their original factory packaging and in "Like New" condition. Items not returned in this condition may be subject to additional fees.
  • To view the full return policy, click here.