Adjustable L-Shape Special Order Solid Wood Standing Desk

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Desktop Style

Pick the perfect solid wood top from one of our more-than-a-dozen styles. Our tops are genuine wood, some with an eye-catching barkline edges.

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Desktop Size

L-shaped desks come in two sections. Measure your office, and choose a length that will fit your space and style!

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Extension Side

Determine which direction you want to face in the room. We recommend choosing an extension on the same side as your dominant hand.

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Frame Color

Choose a frame color that complements your desktop style and office decor. You may later pick accessories that match your frame color.

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Keyboard Tray

Our Switch and Large Keyboard Trays are solid, easily adjustable, and let you type with your keyboard tray in your lap to lessen shoulder strain.

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As your height adjustable desk moves up and down, your wires go with it. Power grommets provide convenient outlets right on the desktop.

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Back Acoustic Privacy Panel

Acoustic panels significantly reduce noise in an open office environment and improve privacy at your desk, helping you stay focused!

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Back Acoustic Privacy Panel

Acoustic panels significantly reduce noise in an open office environment and improve privacy at your desk, helping you stay focused!

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Modesty Panel with Wire Management

Modesty panels hide the view under your desk and are an ideal wire management solution. They're a perfect mix of privacy and organization!

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Modesty Panel with Wire Management

Modesty panels hide the view under your desk and are an ideal wire management solution. They're a perfect mix of privacy and organization!

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Make your desk mobile with locking standard or heavy duty casters. You'll be organizing and optimizing your office layout in no time!

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Discounted Chair or Stool

We recommend alternating between sitting and standing every few hours. Our ergonomic chairs are approved by our Certified Professional Ergonomist.

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CPU Holder

We recommend placing your computer on the desktop or in a CPU holder to avoid pulling cables and for easy access to ports and peripherals.

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Teak Credenza

Increase your storage space with our sturdy and handcrafted teak credenza. It ships fully assembled and is discounted when bought with a desktop!

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Desk Mat

Standing desks are made to help you move! Choose our active mat to stand comfortably, stretch, and shift positions throughout the day.

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Desk Drawer

Clear your mind with a clutter-free desktop. Keep office supplies organized or personal items locked away with an under-desk drawer.

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Footrests can help vary your posture and improve circulation, and they help users under 5' 4" keep their feet grounded when using an ergonomic chair.

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We recommend the advanced keypad for its one-touch convenience and memory settings. Sit or stand with the push of a button!

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The right lighting can help improve your productivity and work quality. From desk lights to floor lamps, we have you covered.

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Monitor Arms

Monitor arms position your monitors at the perfect height and distance to help prevent neck strain. They also free up valuable desktop space!

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Motion Board

Really get moving! Balance, stand, and rock your way to better health while you work with a motion board underfoot.

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Promotional Item

Free! Add a combo of accessories on us, including a standing mat, which will help you stand comfortably at your new desk.

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Promotional Item 1

Free! Add a combo of accessories on us, including a standing mat or motion board, which will help you stand more comfortably at your new desk.

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Promotional Item 2

Get another accessory on us! Pick a bamboo or colorful desk organizer set, or choose a USB hub to attach additional peripherals.

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Promotional Item 3

For a limited time, snag a few more accessories to outfit your new desk or give as a gift - completely free, of course!

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Side Acoustic Privacy Panel

Noisy neighbors? Turn down the volume while giving yourself additional privacy.

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Side Modesty Panel with Wire Management

We recommend adding side modesty panels if you want under-desk privacy and wire management on the sides of your desk.

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Side Table

Side tables free up valuable desktop space and match your new desk. Keep printers, supplies, and decor close by but off your work surface.

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Storage and File Cabinet

Fully assembled and ready to store! We recommend a filing cabinet that matches your new desk to help clear clutter and stay organized.

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Treadmill and Bike

Walk or pedal at your new desk to boost its health benefits. Choose a treadmill model based on how long you plan to walk or the bike if you prefer cycling

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Extended Warranty

All our frames come standard with an industry-leading 7-year warranty. Call, email, or chat - we're here to support you!

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Wire Management

See all those wires behind your current desk? Organize them with a wire management kit that will move up and down with your new desk!

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Solid Wood Care Kit

We recommend choosing a desktop care kit for your solid wood top to keep your desk looking brand new!

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    • CPU Holder
    • Desk Drawer
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    • Back Acoustic Privacy Panel for Main Side
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    • Monitor Arms
    • Lighting
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    • Desk Mat
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    • Beautiful, authentic wood desktops in a wide variety of species and sizes to suit many different office styles
    • Three-stage frame is height adjustable from 24.4" to 50.0” (without desktop thickness). Our 3-stage columns offer 25.6" (650mm) of vertical travel
    • 33% faster adjustment speed than two-stage frames
    • Each leg houses its own motor, making the frame quieter, safer, stronger, and more reliable
    • Heavy-duty steel frame with telescoping crossbar provides stability for larger desktops and a hefty 530 lb weight capacity
    • Hall effect sensor in the frame senses resistance and reverses frame direction for safety
    • Upgrade to the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad to get an LED display, memory storage, and one-touch height adjustments
    • Local and globally sourced parts are assembled and shipped from our warehouse in Austin, Texas; designed in the U.S.A.
    • Meets or exceeds all applicable section requirements in accordance with ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 Desk Product Test Standards
    l-shape solid wood desk
    solid wood desk samples

    L-Shape Solid Wood Standing Desk

    Perfect for your corner office, our L-shaped solid wood standing desks add an air of sophistication and elegance to any workspace. Choose from 11 different species of wood and custom-sizing down to a quarter-inch. Each solid wood desktop is more than 1" thick and handcrafted in Austin, Texas.

    Pair your perfect solid wood desktop with our industry-leading fully height adjustable frame, and you have a standing desk made just for you.

    UPLIFT Desk is a proud supporter of the National Forest Foundation, and for every solid wood desktop we sell, we plant five trees in U.S. National Forests.

    The UPLIFT Height Adjustable Frame

    UPLIFT Desk's unique three-stage frames adjust 33% faster than two-stage frames, thanks to a third spindle. A motor in each leg also makes our desks quieter, stronger, safer, and more reliable. Available in four colors, our powder-coated frame is treated with non-toxic finishes to help indoor air quality, a trait each desktop shares.

    Our frame also features cast aluminum feet with a singular design. Aluminum is lightweight and fully recyclable, yet provides unmatched strength and durability. This means our desks have superior stability compared to our competitors.

    UPLIFT Desks come standard with adjustable leveling studs. Add casters for a mobile desk, perfect for those who like to frequently rearrange their workspace.

    white, gray, and black uplift desk legs
    uplift power grommet

    Power to the Grommet

    Prevent phone and laptop chargers, docking station and lamp light wires from pulling and stretching with integrated desktop power grommets. With all the emphasis on our mobile devices today, having a convenient place to plug-in has never been more important. The easiest way to provide power is with in-desk power grommets by UPLIFT Desk.

    Advanced Digital Memory Keypad

    The UPLIFT Advanced Digital Memory Keypad not only displays the current height of your desk in inches, but also can save up to four user-defined desk heights. Perfect for moving between standing, sitting, or perching with the touch of a button.

    advanced digital memory keypad


    Height range 24.4" - 50.0” H (without desktop thickness)
    Travel speed (can vary depending on load) 1.5" per second with soft start/stop actuator motors
    Noise level during motion 45 decibels
    Desktop thickness Bamboo: 1.5"
    All other woods: 1.75"
    Weight capacity 530 lbs.
    Keypad Push and hold up/down keypad is standard, Advanced Digital Memory Keypad is available
    Adjustable foot leveling studs 3/8" vertical adjustment for uneven flooring
    Voltage Input: 110 V
    Output: 31 V
    Transformer power 200 W (0.2 W on standby)
    Power supply current 5 amps
    BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 certification Compliant with sections 4.3, 4.5, 5.2, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 15.0
    Safety certifications Lifting Column - TUV (Canada and U.S.)
    Control Box - TUV (Canada and U.S.)
    Power Cord - UL/CSA (Canada and U.S.)
    Warranty 7 year all-inclusive warranty on entire desk frame: motor, frame, controller, keypad, electronics and mechanisms included. Extension to 12 years available.
    Shipping dimensions This item must ship via freight carrier. Learn about freight shipping on our Freight Shipping 101 page.

    Note: Wood Desktops and Dry Climates

    If the air in your area is especially dry, your wood desktop could be at increased risk of cracking and splitting. Wood naturally expands and contracts depending on moisture in the environment. Without enough humidity, the moisture in your desk can evaporate, leaving it vulnerable to warping.

    While this process is natural, it's unfortunately something that could affect your new wood desktop. If your climate is dry, and your desktop does show signs of cracking or splitting, we're happy to provide a complimentary repair kit to fill the affected areas. If potentially repairing a wood desktop isn't something you're comfortable with, we recommend that you take a look at our Bamboo, Eco, or Laminate desktops instead.

    If your desktop has already warped, please click here for instructions on using our solid wood desktop repair kit.

    Please contact us if you have additional questions.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the difference between the bamboo offered here and the other bamboo corner desk?

      The bamboo on this desktop is 1.5" thick, versus 1" thick on the other Bamboo Corner Desk. This is premium Moso bamboo, which is a more mature bamboo. These desks are custom made after you order and therefore will ship out in 12-14 weeks, whereas the other Bamboo Corner Desk is pre-cut and sized and available sooner, if you need your desk more quickly.

    2. What's carbonized bamboo?

      Carbonized bamboo is bamboo that's been treated and "caramelized," resulting in a beautiful brown honey-caramel finish on your desktop. All of our bamboo desktops feature carbonized bamboo.

    3. Can I customize the size to fit my workspace?

      Yes, since each Solid Wood Corner Desk is custom made after you order, you can have it made to your exact specifications. Just call us and let us know your dimensions down to a quarter of an inch and our woodworkers will be able to craft your personalized desktop!

    4. Can I get my desk any faster?

      Just like our other Solid Wood Desks, this desk is made-to-order. Each desktop is constructed by our local woodworkers after you place your order. The desktop will need time to cure and finish before it can be shipped.

    5. Can I get my solid wood desktop made in one piece?

      Due to shipping constraints, we only sell our L-shape solid wood desktops in two pieces. Your desk will ship free via freight, which includes curbside delivery.

    6. How durable is the wood?

      Solid wood is an incredibly durable surface. Although freshly harvested wood can be somewhat softer, the material will harden over time to become even more durable.

    7. How should I care for my desktop?

      It is important to keep your desk well hydrated to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Our Solid Wood Care Kit includes lemon oil, buffing towels, and a steel wool pad. For small spills or maintenance cleaning, just wipe your desk down with a damp rag.

    8. Can you expedite the process to get me my desk faster?

      Since each desk is handmade after you place your order, we cannot cut any corners to get you your desktop faster. We have a variety of quick ship L-shape desks that may meet your needs if time is of the essence.

    9. The color of my desk doesn't really match the color of the desk that I built. Did I get the wrong wood?

      More than likely, no. Immature woods often appear lighter or darker than their aged counterparts. Over time the color of your desktop will even out to more closely match the color you were expecting.

    10. Will the frame have any trouble holding up this gigantic corner desktop?

      The 3-leg frame offers a hefty lifting capacity of 530 pounds, which covers a lot of desktop. It will have no problem smoothly lifting and lowering your executive corner desk.

    11. Will the wood crack over time?

      If you live in a particularly dry climate, this can be a risk with any solid wood furniture. Therefore, it is important to keep your desk hydrated with lemon oil, which can be found in our Solid Wood Care Kit.

    12. How are the two desktop pieces held together?

      You will secure the two pieces of your Solid Wood Desktop using two brackets. There will be a seam where the desktops fit together. Just make sure to precisely level and line up the desktops during installation to minimize the gap.

    13. Is the surface of the desk smooth?

      Solid wood may contain some natural imperfections, such as bug holes or knots. Our woodworker will fill in the surface with black or clear filler to help smooth out your desktop.

    14. Will I be able to assemble my desk by myself?

      This desk is fairly heavy and may require two people to safely maneuver. Though connecting the desktop pieces and attaching the frame is a one person job, you will likely need two people to set your desk right-side up after assembly.

    15. Can I get some wood samples to help me make up my mind?

      Order our Solid Wood Sample Kit to get an idea of what each wood species looks like in your space.

    16. Can I order my desk with a curved corner as opposed to the 90 degree angle shown in the pictures?

      Unfortunately we cannot craft a curved corner. If you want to make the inward corner of your desk more usable, consider adding a Corner Sleeve.

    17. I bought this desk but I live outside of the United States. Will it work with my outlets and voltage?

      Yes, all of our desks are designed to run on the US electricity standard of 120V. If you're ordering an UPLIFT Desk from outside the United States (excluding Canada), you'll most likely need to plug your desk into a step down transformer, otherwise you run the risk of overloading your desk's control box, which is not covered by warranty. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

    18. Does one-touch functionality work with the advanced keypad?

      Yes! Our 3-leg desks now come with one-touch functionality.

    19. I think I have the advanced keypad with memory presets, but when I touch one of the presets my desk only moves a little bit. Does that mean something is wrong with my keypad?

      Odds are, that is not the case. You might just have an older control box. To recall your preset heights, you have to press-and-hold the memory setting until your desk reaches standing height. This is for safety, since the older UPLIFT 3-Leg Frame did not have the ability to sense an obstruction and stop. If you see the number printed on the sticker located near the power socket, then your control box is capable of one-touch memory preset function and may need to be reset - see our Programming Your UPLIFT Desk PDF for instructions on locking the keypad, changing the memory presets from one-touch to press-and-hold, and setting new lower or upper height limits.

    20. How many motors are in the base?

      All UPLIFT Desks come with a motor in each leg, so in this case, three motors. This makes UPLIFT Desks quieter to adjust, stronger and more reliable, and safer than desks with just a single motor.

    21. What are the advantages to using a three-stage frame versus a two-stage?

      UPLIFT Desk frames are three-stage vs the traditional two-stage sit-stand frames you usually find on the market today. UPLIFT Desks are 33% faster thanks to using 3 spindles in each leg instead of 2. Users have a higher adjustability range, so desks fit shorter users (and even kids!) as well as taller users or those who plan on adding a treadmill to their setups later.

    22. How do I know what kind of control box I have?

      You can confirm what version of control box you have by looking at the silver label on the control box. If the sticker says v4.1, v4.2, or v4.3, you have the newest version, which means you also get a few New Features to enjoy!

    23. What features can I expect from the new control box?

      We know you'll love the new features programmed into our version 4.1 control boxes. Enjoy being able to set your Collision Sensitivity setting to one of three modes, so you don't have to worry about knocking over items in your area. The desk just stops once it touches an object. In addition, a new Keypad Lockout feature and the ability to toggle between One-Touch and Constant-Touch modes are included with the push of a few buttons.

    24. How do I use the Keypad Lockout feature?

      In order to make our desks even safer, we designed our version 4.1 control boxes to be able to be locked so children or users cannot adjust it when this feature is activated. To lock the keypad, press and hold the "M" button for 5 seconds until the LED switches to "LOC". To unlock it, press and hold the "M" for 5 more seconds.

    Warranty Info

    This product comes standard with a 7-year limited warranty. For more information on UPLIFT warranty coverage, click here.

    Return Instructions

    • All single-item UPLIFT Desk brand orders, with the exception of our custom laminate and solid wood desktops, are eligible for our 30-day trial. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return the item with no outbound shipping or restocking fees.
    • Return window closes 30 days after receipt of item. You must request the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number within this time. You are responsible for return shipping costs.
    • All items must be disassembled and returned in their original factory packaging and in "Like New" condition. Items not returned in this condition may be subject to additional fees.
    • To view the full return policy, click here.

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    • 5

      Posted by Linda on Sep 24th 2015

      I was very close to getting the laminate version of this desk, but I have several clients in my office every day and I decided to spring for the solid wood. I am so glad I did. I got the walnut and it is absolutely beautiful. Totally top-notch materials and workmanship. This thing is STURDY. Not only does it look amazing, I can't tell you how much better I feel not having to be scrunched in my chair all day. It is a real conversation piece in my office, and I think yo uwill be getting more orders soon from my colleagues! Highly recommend. You will feel fantastic and everyone will be jealous of your sweet office!