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Added to our L-Shape Lineup: Rubberwood and Bamboo Curved Corner L-Shape Tops are Here!
Don't settle when it comes to comfort and style. Our designers took our tried-and-true Curved Corner L-Shape Sit-Stand Desk, which already offered desktop options in solid black and white, and added two new tops to choose from - Rubberwood and Bamboo - both of which are good for the environment while being good for you! Why Bamboo? Why Rubberwood? It's no big secret why we chose to expand our desktop options to offer sustainably sourced and treated bamboo - we love bamboo! Our Moso species bamboo is chosen because of its quick growth rate and sturdiness, making it one of the most easy-to-reproduce materials Mother Earth can make for desks. Our bamboo is found naturally growing i … read more

Life on the Edge: The UPLIFT Desk With a Curve

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Jan 4th 2018

Life on the Edge: The UPLIFT Desk With a Curve
So you’ve finally decided to upgrade to an adjustable-height desk. You’re building out your desk on or the UPLIFT Desk website and when you get to the option that lets you selec … read more