One Grommet Cover and One Power Grommet

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One Grommet Cover and One Power Grommet
(Save $18.00 )

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Desk Power Grommet
  • Comes with 2 outlets that consolidate into 1 cord
  • Locks in place on desktops for seamless unplugging
  • Available in black, gray, and white
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
Desk Grommet Cover
  • Rotating cover opens and closes
  • Available in black, white, or gray
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
black power grommet

Organizing Power Grommets

Stop wasting time hunting down power outlets with UPLIFT Desk Power Grommets.

Power and charge your workstation with this handy little power hub. Featuring a duo of power outlets per grommet to keep you working, our new power grommets work by way of a single cord, which use fewer wall outlets. Grommets lock in place, so you can unplug your devices seamlessly without pulling them out of their spots when you're on the move.

Enjoy a more organized workstation and power everything right on your desktop. A slot in the grommet allows for threading of under-desk cables for less of a mess at your workstation. Now with three different color options to choose from, you can have the coordinated and power-full desk you've always wanted.

Organizing Grommet Covers

Don't let subpar cable organization affect your productivity with Grommet Covers by UPLIFT Desk.

Enjoy work at a height adjustable desk without the mess with these handy desk grommets. These are installed at the back of your desk and feature a rotating cover that opens and closes when you need it.

Grommet Covers come in your choice of black, white, and gray color options to let you build the complementary desk that suits your space ideally.

UPLIFT wire grommets


Fits Grommet Holes 3.15" diameter
Grommet diameter 3.75"
Certifications UL (Canada and U.S.)
Shipping dimensions 4" L x 4" W x 8" H, 1 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the Power Grommet have a cord that needs to be plugged in?

    The UPLIFT Desk Power Grommet has one cord that needs to be plugged in. So if you have two power grommets, you will need two wall outlets.

  2. If my desk has two grommet holes, can I add both a Grommet Cover and a Power Grommet?

    Yes, the Grommet Covers and the Power Grommet are just inserts for the grommet holes that come standard on many UPLIFT Desktops. You can stick with one type of grommet, or add one of each.

  3. What size of grommet hole is this compatible with?

    UPLIFT Desk Power Grommets will fit grommet holes that are 80 mm in diameter. This is the standard sized grommet hole on any UPLIFT Desk.

  4. How do I know if my desktop will support these?

    If you purchased an UPLIFT Desktop with pre-drilled grommet holes, then these will be compatible. Otherwise you will have to drill a grommet hole that is 80mm in diameter.

  5. Why would I need a Power Grommet?

    Have you ever sat at your desk and wondered what the outlet was doing underneath your desk instead of in your desktop? If you answered yes, then you have realized the ingenuity of an UPLIFT Desk Power Grommet! A power grommet insert offers the ease of having an outlet within reach on your desktop, instead of having to crawl under your desk when you need to plug something in.

  6. Should I get this or a Grommet Cover?

    The Power Grommet and the Grommet Cover fulfill different needs. If you need quick and easy access to an outlet, go with the UPLIFT Desk Power Grommet. Choose the UPLIFT Desk Grommet Cover if you just need to organize and route your cords.



Why Buy?

A Grommet Cover helps route cables, and a power grommet adds outlets to your desktop.

Features & Specs

  • Power grommet uses only one wall outlet
  • Power grommet locks in place; easy to unplug mobile devices
  • Organize and route cables
  • Grommet Covers rotate open and closed
  • Black, white, or gray color options

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