Privacy in the Age of Open Offices

The modern office space is changing, and with the breaking down of walls, whether they be figurative or literal cubicle walls, comes a new era of work. Yet even in these open offices, you deserve a desk space that fosters your best ideas and gives you some privacy in this age of dwindling personal space at work. Our growing line of products helps you block distractions and keeps your workspace sheltered from prying eyes.

Privacy Panels by UPLIFT Desk
Modesty Panels by UPLIFT Desk

A More Modest Desk Space

Our Acoustic Privacy Panels are ideal for blocking interruptions at work, like background office chatter, via dense Polyester fiber board that’s over half an inch thick. Get complete privacy on three sides with a back panel and a set of side panels. Or if you look under your desk and gasp at the sight your coworkers see, a Modesty Panel with Wire Management and Side Modesty Panels with Wire Management give you some much-needed privacy underneath your desk, while also increasing the storage space for cords thanks to a handy mesh pouch on the inside. Make sure you have the private space you need to work with our collection of privacy-improving tools.