C-Frame Foot for UPLIFT Standing Desks

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24" V1 & V2 C-Frame Replacement Foot
(Save $15.00 )

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C-Frame Foot Features

  • Compatible with UPLIFT C-frame desks (V1, V2, & V2-Commercial). Visit the T-frame foot listing if you have a T-frame style desk
  • Choose 27.5" long feet For use with 30" or more deep desktops
  • Choose 24" long feet for desktops under 27.5" depth
  • Available in black, white, gray, or industrial style
  • Each foot is sold individually


Before ordering parts please determine which UPLIFT Desk Frame you own.

Take a look at the left or right side of your frame, if you DON'T see the UPLIFT Desk logo near the top of the frame then it is a V1 frame.

If you DO see a logo, you have either a V2 or V2-Commercial Frame.

The V2 frame DOES NOT have a lower-crossbar that spans between the legs at about knee height.

The V2-Commercial frame DOES have a lower-crossbar that connects the legs together at knee height.

27” Gray V2 C-Frame Replacement Foot by UPLIFT Desk
A comparison of Gray V2 and V2-Commercial 27” C-Frame Replacement Feet

Top: Gray V2 27" C-Frame Foot. Bottom: Gray V2-Commercial 27" C-Frame Foot.

Standard C-frame Foot

When you need a new foot for your UPLIFT Desk, we have you covered with the UPLIFT Desk Standard Foot for C-frame Desks.

Order in the color that matches your desk: black, white, gray, or industrial style.

Switch from a 24" foot to a 27.5" foot if you're upgrading to a larger desktop, or if you're downsizing to a 24" deep desktop, replace your current feet with 24" feet so the desk frame feet will not protrude past your desktop, reducing trip hazards.

The C-frame Foot is compatible with C-frame desks only.



Warranty + Returns




Available colors Black, white, gray, or industrial style
Compatibility UPLIFT C-Frame Desks ONLY (V1, V2, & V2-Commercial)
Quantity Single foot with pre-installed glides
Dimensions Standard: 27.5"
Short: 24"


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why would I need a new foot for my standing desk?

    Most often, customers purchase replacement feet when they swap their current desktop for one that is larger or smaller. The 27.5" C-Frame foot works well with desktops that are 27.5" deep or greater and provides extra stability for deeper tops, while the short foot provides ample stability for desktops under 27.5" without protruding past the front of the desktop and creating a tripping hazard. Or, if you lost, broke, or just want a different color foot for your UPLIFT Desk, these are the feet that you need to stay in good standing. Feet are sold individually, so if you want to swap out both feet, make sure you order two.

  2. Will this fit on my T-Frame Desk?

    No, C-Frame Feet were designed to work on C-frame desks only. If you need a replacement foot for a T-frame desk, click here.


Resetting Your Desk

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