Basic Keypad by UPLIFT Desk

(Save $10.00 )
Adjust the height of your standing desk within seconds with the Standard Keypad
(Save $10.00 )

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  • Electric keypad
  • For use with any UPLIFT desk
  • Comes with easy up/down buttons for height adjustments
  • Includes control box connecting wire
Enjoy easy height adjustments with the UPLIFT Standard Keypad.
Simple Up and Down arrows let users adjust their height adjustable-desks quickly.

The Basic Keypad

All of your sitting and standing transitions are made simple with this keypad, which lets you raise and lower your desk electronically with the simple push of a button. To find your working sweet spot in seconds, all you have to do is use the up and down arrows to adjust your standing desk to your preferred levels in a jiff.

The keypad is a necessity on electric height adjustable desks. When it's time to take yours to the limit, do it with the Basic Keypad from UPLIFT Desk.


Dimensions 2.4" W x 1.8" D x 1.1" H
Cord length 56"
Shipping dimensions 3" W x 3" H x 2" D, 0.75 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the UPLIFT Basic Keypad work with my 3-leg desk?

    Yes! Our Basic Keypad works on all UPLIFT Desk standing desk models, including 3-leg and corner desks.

  2. How does this work?

    The Basic Keypad allows you easy height adjustments at your sit-stand workstation with the press of a button. Just press and hold the UP and DOWN arrows to reach your most comfortable height levels in seconds.

  3. Why should I use a keypad at my standing desk?

    If you plan on using your desk's electric height adjustable capabilities, you'll need a keypad that communicates with your control box to get you standing. Our Basic Keypad comes standard on all complete UPLIFT Desk models. Or upgrade to the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad if you want a keypad that allows you to set your height preferences within its memory.

  4. Do I need to purchase a cable separately to use this keypad?

    Nope! The basic keypad comes with a cable that's ready to be plugged into your desk's control box.



Easily adjust the height of your sit-stand desk up or down throughout the day to change working postures.

Features & Specs

  • Large, easy-to-use up and down arrow buttons
  • Included with all height adjustable UPLIFT Desks
  • Upgrade to the advanced keypad for memory presets and one-touch control
uplift basic keypad

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