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No one stands alone

The health benefits of a sit-stand workstation only come into play when you're able to stand comfortably and sit comfortably. The key is changing your position throughout the day, as standing all the time can be just as harmful as sitting all the time.

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360 Degree Seating

Plant yourself firmly atop the Motion Stool to see and feel why we're jazzed about perching at work. Enjoy the freedom to switch up your posture, engaging oft-forgotten muscle groups like abs and back muscles, and improve circulation just by adding a little movement into your daily routine with this ergo-friendly stool.

No One Stands Alone

Reap the health benefits of a sit-stand workstation, but don't forget your chair. Standing too long is just as bad for you as sitting; let us help you find that final piece of the ergonomic puzzle that completes your standing desk workstation.