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Resources Restored

Just because we’re always bringing the freshest in ergonomic innovations doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from a little look back every now and again. And if we’ve learned anything from the wisdom of classic rock band reunions, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with recycling old material. We just like to keep things a little more literal. Come to think of it, it’s actually pretty easy being green.

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UPLIFT Desk is committed to helping create and protect sustainable forests. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, we're proud to plant five trees in U.S. National Forests for every solid wood desktop that we sell. Not only does this help offset our impact on the environment, but it's one way we're making sure that the resources we use today will be available for future generations. 

Think of it as getting one desk, giving five trees. That's a deal you can't pass up. 


Pulp fact

It’s a universal truth from crabs, to coconuts, to crackle-coated ice cream, there’s always something great to be found inside a hard shell. Our UPLIFT Eco desks are no exception, only they’re more of a treat for your eyes than your tastebuds. We take 100 percent recycled wood, treat it, heat it, and cover it in a sleek seamless matte coating to keep you writing, typing, and working in sensibly sourced style. It’s like we put together a fun puzzle with about ten billion environmentally-friendly pieces. Quite the picture.


Our reclaim to fame

While we do offer freshly cut timber in our wide repertoire of desktops, not every piece of wood finds its calling right away. Some start out in the flooring biz, others take bridging gigs, and even more spend a good portion of their lives making up the broad side of a barn. Normally, the end of the game would be retiring in a bonfire or a nice landfill upstate, but as it turns out you can teach an old log new tricks. We’re just the only ones who know how.

Between the reclaimed teak and our reclaimed fir, you’ll have two rock solid options refurbished and finished to last. Call it job securi-tree.

all natural bamboo

Fun fact, one of our long-wearing, great looking hardwoods is actually a closer cousin to a manicured lawn than a grand old oak. It’s true—bamboo’s a grass, not a wood. But that’s what makes it so green...environmentally speaking anyway. Aside from keeping pandas looking black and white and cute all over, bamboo’s natural lightning-fast growth rates (seriously, one inch in under an hour) make it one of the most renewable materials this side of a wacky sitcom premise.